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Favorites The Christmas Cure (2017)

The Christmas Cure (2017)
Year, country:
John Bradshaw
Brooke Nevin, Steve Byers, Patrick Duffy,
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Young and beautiful Vanessa Turner works as a doctor in California. The girl is on a great account with her superiors. Soon, Turner will receive a profitable career proposal - to become the head of the admissions department. Just before Christmas, Vanessa was given a few days of vacation. As described in the movie "New Year's medicine", Turner decided to spend the holiday with her parents. The girl gets on the plane and goes to a small town where she grew up.

Father Tom, mother Martha and younger brother Kyle live in the parental home. Vanessa was met by her ex-boyfriend and classmate Mitch, who now works as a construction worker. Tom has been heading the family clinic for many years, so he was unable to go to the airport to get his daughter. He had too much to do before the holiday. At home, Vanessa learns that a parent wants to retire. He dreams with Martha to travel the world. The clinic will have to close, as there is no one to leave. Vanessa begins to help her father and gets involved in this matter. A young woman was able to help her friend Brother Shelley Novak, who has asthma. Vanessa has a chance to continue the family business. In addition, she again began a relationship with Mitch.

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