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The Wrong Mother (2017)
Year, country:
Craig Goldstein
Vanessa Marcil, Brooke Nevin, Stephen Snedden
1h 30min
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Before the release of the film there were a lot of rumors about him. And these are not the consequences of some spectator suspicions, simply the director of the bloody thriller “Mom!” Decided to create an additional intrigue around his offspring: the detailed plot and trailer for the tape were published just before the release. The only thing that kept the audience interested was a great cast and the reputation of the director, who had previously released the film “Black Swan” in the same genre. There were a few words about the main storyline: “The couple together with the child will be forced to become hostages of a group of insane criminals. The misfortunes that have befallen the heroes completely demoralize them, which ultimately will make it possible to find a way to salvation and test their love for strength! ”Everything is good, but it looks too dry without details. So, the main characters are really spouses, in whose relations the crisis has come. A husband and wife do not ruin a marriage for obvious reasons - they do not want their common child to grow up in an incomplete family. True, in the near future, he may be an orphan at all (unless, of course, he himself survives). It all starts with the fact that a gang of criminals break into the mansion of the main characters, who are going to have a lot of fun with defenseless victims.