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Toxic Shark (2017) HD
Toxic Shark (2017)
Year, country:
Cole Sharpe
Kabby Borders, Christina Masterson, Michelle Cortés
1h 27min
Toxic Shark (2017) watch full movie horror, adventure, sci-fi online in HD - free movie on ffilms.club
The action of this film takes place on a paradise tropical island, lost among the most beautiful coral reefs in the middle of the vast ocean. The island receives tourists all year round who fled from the daily bustle of the city in search of recreation, romance and new acquaintances. Here and now, tourists come, settle down on a new place in anticipation of rest and unforgettable impressions. But what should have been a fabulous vacation, in fact turns into a bloody nightmare, carrying for the unsuspecting holidaymakers a terrible death. After all, having not only had time to set foot on the paradise island, they already announced a real hunt. And this very unusual creature is a hunter. It is a large poisonous shark that not only devours its victims, but also possesses large stocks of very toxic poison, poisons everything in its path, leaving behind a lifeless space. The people are seized with terror. It seems that their fate is predetermined, and from this island there is no way to get out. Will they be able to escape and destroy a dangerous, terrible monster? And what price will they have to pay for their release?