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Favorites Betting on Zero (2016)

Betting on Zero (2016)
Year, country:
Ted Braun
William Ackman
1h 39min
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A fascinating and highly informative documentary of the film can serve as a kind of warning for many naive people around the world who dream of fast money. All sorts of monetary frauds, failed banks, burst trust funds - we all live in a world where these things have become the norm. Every year someone is deceiving a huge amount of naive laborers who honestly carry hard earned money to another dubious person who promises a bright and full future with minimal investment and energy costs. However, most often such things turn into a tragedy for unfortunate investors. The film is a kind of investigation, with the help of which the creators are trying to prove that the world-renowned Herbalife is nothing more than the largest financial pyramid in the history of mankind. Research billionaire hedge fund named Bill Ekman lead filmmakers to the conclusion that for a large company is the most dangerous financial scheme. Unfair games, manipulations, loans and dirty deeds between the top management of the company - all this is behind the positive and attractive image of a “successful” company. Each person makes his own choice and decides what to believe and what to question. However, the director of the documentary study encourages people to take a closer look at what is happening and think twice before getting involved in another pyramid.