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Instant Death (2017) HD
Instant Death (2017)
Year, country:
Ara Paiaya
Lou Ferrigno, Jerry Anderson, Tania Staite
1h 26min
Full movie action, crime Instant Death (2017) online free in ffilms.club
Louis Ferrigno is not the person who will be invited to the main roles in the Shakespearean film adaptation, so do not wait for the standard actor's play and exquisite dramatic collisions from the new British movie action movie Instant death, but blood will spill very much, villains will cry with burning tears and envy the dead, when their paths intersect with a hefty special services veteran, played by a bodybuilder, sportsman and showman with a height of two meters and weighing 140 kg.
John Bradley spent half his life fighting crime, mafia structures, drug cartels and gangs of robbers. This seething dangerous activity separated him from his family and left him at the broken trough when the veteran retired and it turned out that he was all alone - his wife was dead, and the daughter, even the mother herself, lives somewhere far away. The time has come to build bridges, the ex-insurgent decides and goes on a visit to the only native people, and along with him moves a black cloud of brutal villains who, it turns out, did not forget about their opponent, who brought them so many problems. After the hero visited the house of his daughter and granddaughter, the gang of brutalized Mafiosi who had mutilated the woman and killed the girl also broke in there.
When the former special forces learned what had been done to his relatives, he simply lost his head from grief and pain, his fury was no limit, he completely lost control and fell from the reel. Immediate death awaits everyone who participated in the massacre of unhappy women, as well as those , who was not lucky just to be there. Instant death - cool welded classic thriller with a hefty bodybuilder at the head.