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Favorites At Home in Mitford (2017)

At Home in Mitford (2017)
Year, country:
Gary Harvey
Andie MacDowell, Cameron Mathison, Ken Tremblett
1h 23min
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The main character of the film is a writer who lived with her husband in a major city. It so happened that family life did not work out, and the couple separated. After finishing the divorce case, the woman decides to go to another place, away from the hustle and bustle. In addition, she has an unfinished work on her hands, and the incessant din of the megalopolis makes it difficult to concentrate and finish the book to the end. The woman’s choice falls on Mitford. This is a small cozy town, and the heroine wants to find in him that same calm and solitude, which she always lacked.
In Mitford, she really gets better. A woman starts to work and feels a surge of strength. She likes the town more and more. It is beautiful, quiet, and the locals are very kind and hospitable. The writer understands that she wants to stay here for life. And then a new man appears in her fate. He lives near the home of the heroine and serves as a priest in the temple. A woman loses her head from love for him. She finds out that the priest is lonely, and makes contact with him. Their romance is gaining momentum every day ...