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Prevenge (2016)
Year, country:
Alice Lowe
Jo Hartley, Gemma Whelan, Alice Lowe
1h 28min
Prevenge (2016) watch full movie comedy, drama, fantasy online in HD - free movie on ffilms.club
Ruth is a widow who is eight months pregnant. Her life can not be called happy, and the woman is forced to spend time alone, not being able to communicate even with her best friend. One day, one of her friends, in good faith, advises her to pay more attention to her unborn child. Only she could not have imagined how this could all end. Ruth begins to listen to her baby and fulfill all his requirements. That's just a woman gets the feeling that her baby is hungry for blood. Is it really growing bloodthirsty monster who needs new victims. Will Ruth be able to understand his condition and prevent fatal mistakes? ..