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The Wake (2017)
Year, country:
Faouzi Brahimi, Bryan Brewer
Bryan Brewer, Allie Rivera, Darla Delgado
1h 26min
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Even if a bad deed was made by accident, it will still have to be paid back to everyone who had something to do with it. This is to be seen the main characters of this story. A group of young people came to the wake of a boy. He was not their friend or acquaintance, but they became the perpetrators of his death. They accidentally knocked him down. Now they wanted to say goodbye to them and somehow make amends, find peace of mind, because they came to this house. Conscience gnawed at everyone, it did not become easier, because it was understood that the boy was no longer able to return and compensate this loss to his relatives. And while the heroes were indulging in their sad thoughts, a mysterious masked man was already preparing a "surprise" for them. Young people did not even guess what awaits them in this house. They did not know that the stranger would make them suffer and beg for a quick death, playing a dangerous game. They will be trapped, not everyone can get out of it, if at all someone is lucky to do it. It's time for reckoning. None of the involuntary killers will be able to leave this house calmly!