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Favorites The Outcasts (2017)

The Outcasts (2017) HD
The Outcasts (2017)
Year, country:
Peter Hutchings
Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, Ashley Rickards
1h 35min
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Each of us knows that in schools students are often divided into leaders and those who are accustomed to be called nerds or crooks. As a rule, the former are accustomed to infringe upon the rights of those who do not belong to them. Sometimes their actions are very cruel and immoral, but to break this system is very difficult and problematic.

In the presented film one of such cases is told. The plot line of the film unfolds around two schoolgirls who have been suffering all sorts of humiliations from their peers for many years now, who consider themselves unlimited in their actions. However, the day comes when the patience of the heroines comes to an end, and they decide to take revenge on the offender.
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