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Favorites Car Dogs (2017)

Car Dogs (2017)
Year, country:
Adam Collis
Patrick J. Adams, Octavia Spencer, Cory Hardrict,
1h 44min
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"Hounds Dogs" - a film about the world of auto sales, where you often have to play dirty.

Mark is, in essence, a good guy. Had the will of the younger Chamberlain, he would have run the salon differently from his father. But Malcolm is ready to step over everything in everything, just to cash in on.

Now he is in the step of concluding a profitable contract with the manufacturer, and then he will be able to open another center. To do this, you need to keep payment to employees, as well as sell dozens of machines in bulk, provided that the client agrees to wait and take the purchase after the audit.

It is the responsibility of Mark to contain the anger of the workers and also to motivate them to set a record: sell 35 cars in one day. Hero very much interferes with the pet of his father Reynolds, who considers himself better than the young boss. Plus, he misses the anniversary with his wife Ashley, and his wife no longer have enough patience.

A hard day begins with the dismissal of Scotty - a glorious, but constant erroneous one, and Boyd’s friend can no longer trust Mark without thinking about what is happening around him. But, if all goes well, Chamberlain will receive a store in his administration, and his work is worth it.

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