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Kadamban (2017) HD
Kadamban (2017)
Year, country:
N. Ragavan (as Ragava)
Arya, Catherine Tresa, Deep Raj Rana
2h 22min
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The events of the film unfold in a remote mountainous region of India, which is almost completely covered with forests. This is where Kadamban lives. This young man is a representative of the ancient family, which for centuries has protected forest dwellers from poachers and ruthless hunters. Particular danger threatens elephants, which, according to the law, is strictly prohibited to kill. However, this does not stop the local poachers, among which Mahendra stands out. Together with his buddies, he literally exterminates unfortunate elephants, because their tusks cost fabulous money.
The cheeky poacher has a charming sister Radha. She is in love with Kadambana, who is her brother's worst enemy. So the girl is forced to hide her feelings from a relative. Meanwhile, the relationship between the main character and Mahendra is heating up to the limit. Together with his gang, the villain continues to kill elephants and cubs, without thinking about the consequences of his actions. Kadamban is forced to enter into direct confrontation with poachers who have not written the law. A young man must fulfill his duty, even if for the sake of this he has to sacrifice his love for Radha.
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