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Favorites Legion of Brothers (2017)

Legion of Brothers (2017) HD
Legion of Brothers (2017)
Year, country:
Greg Barker
Jason Amerine, George W. Bush, Mark Nutsch
1h 19min
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David Heller, to a certain age, seemed like an ordinary person. But soon he began to have serious mental problems, and he found himself in a special hospital. The hero was given a disappointing diagnosis - dissociative personality disorder. Despite regular medication and treatment, David's hallucinations have not disappeared anywhere. He constantly hears extraneous voices that not only communicate with him, but also give him vital advice. For many years, the hero was sure that he was sick. But unexpectedly for himself, he finds out that in fact he is a mutant, within which a whole legion of personalities possessing unique supernormal abilities gets along. Following his new girlfriend Syd, to whom he began to experience feelings, Heller leaves the clinic and finds himself in a place where he is taught to control his abilities.

Not so long ago, David and his friends faced a terrible threat in the face of the powerful being Al Farouk. He lived for a while in Heller's head, but the heroes still managed to cope with it. A whole year has passed since the last events, although it seems to David that only a day has passed. He will learn from Sid a lot of unexpected news. The hero will attempt to find the body of the King of Shadows, which still poses a great threat, but for this he needs to recover the memory and rethink everything.

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