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Pieles (2017) HD
Pieles (2017)
Year, country:
Eduardo Casanova
Ana Polvorosa, Carmen Machi, Macarena Gómez
1h 17min
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“Pieles” is a dramatic film for those who are ready to accept the world in all its diversity and will not be afraid of shocking shots.
In the center of the plot - "non-standard people" with different forms of physical deformity. The mistake of nature, the mutation of genes, or simply fate, by awarding them with a repulsive appearance, thereby condemned not only life, but survival. For the society is not at all ready to accept with open arms those who do not conform to outwardly formed stereotypes.
An unprincipled person, a freak in the soul, but with an attractive face, will rather find support and social circle for himself than one who cannot be looked at without a shudder, although he possesses the best moral qualities.
The film of the Spaniard Eduardo Casanova can hit, can drive into a stupor, but he just will not leave indifferent.
Why bring to the screen a spectacle so unattractive? Conclusions everyone will do for himself. But, probably, this will help to understand people who are doomed to loneliness because of their ugliness, and learn to appreciate a little more what nature has presented to you.
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