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Favorites From the Ashes (2017)

From the Ashes (2017) HD
From the Ashes (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Bonfiglio
Regina Lilly, Cecil Lilly, C. Belmont Keeney
1h 21min
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The main character of the movie Dust Online is a man named Jonathan. He lived with his beloved wife, and everything in their life was beautiful. Overnight, the family idyll collapsed. It happened on a tragic day when Jonathan's wife died in dire circumstances. Her life was taken by flames - a woman burned. The investigation found out that the fire was not an accident. It was about arson. Soon they discovered the culprit of the tragedy. They became Donald, who was still a teenager, but had already taken such a desperate step.

Donald could not escape responsibility. He was put behind bars, where he was to spend the next few years. But Jonathan did not feel better after sentencing his wife’s murderer. He was very hard, because he loved his spouse so much! After a while, Jonathan heard the unpleasant news: Donald was free. He was released on parole, not having stayed the prescribed period. The man could not live in peace, knowing that the criminal is walking in the wild, without receiving a decent punishment. And then Jonathan decided to punish him himself. To do this, he went to the town where Donald lived to meet him in person ...

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