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Rammstein: Paris (2016) HD
Rammstein: Paris (2016)
Year, country:
Jonas Åkerlund
Richard Kruspe, Paul Landers, Till Lindemann
1h 38min
Rammstein: Paris (2016) watch full movie musikal, documentary online in HD - free movie on ffilms.club
Today it is difficult to find a person who would not hear about the legendary German group Rammstein. Even those who are not their fans know about them. It is difficult not to notice their success, bright concerts, musical tempo and unique vocals, which, together with unusual lyrics of songs, shock the public every time. This film is a chance to look at the work of this group from a different angle, because shooting a concert is not as easy as it may seem at first. This concert is a vivid proof of the extraordinary and talented Rammstein. Viewers can plunge into that crazy world, in which every person who comes to their concert is dipped. Unusual Germans have long been famous for their pyrotechnic stunts and incredible vocals. Each concert of this group is thought out for trifles and will not leave anyone indifferent.
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