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Favorites After School Special (2017)

After School Special (2017) HD
After School Special (2017)
Year, country:
Jared Cohn
Richard Switzer, Ryan King Persaud, Kayden Kross
1h 18min
After School Special (2017) online free in HD quality on ffilms.club

School graduation soon. Hooligan and enterprising Danny Ken decided to finally throw out something incredible. In this he should help his half-dreamy brother André. He comes from India and was adopted by the Kan family. The boys study together and soon they will forget about school. The young men hung up rubber artificial male members throughout the corridor, which embarrassed everyone. The director of the educational institution said that for such antics children would be deprived of a graduation diploma. True, there is one experimental program for the summer that can correct this situation.

As explained in the movie “The Last Lesson,” Danny and Andrew have to work with Tyler Lavi until the fall. This man is the owner of a rather large bar that supplies food and drink to private parties. Tyler instructed the guys to deal with these issues. Once they got to a party that was organized by a certain Monica. The guys saw that they are engaged in criminal affairs related to young immaculate girls. The guys decided to expose this nest of intruders. In this they should help Tyler's niece pretty blonde Jessica.

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