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Western World (2017) HD
Western World (2017)
Year, country:
Lana Read
Justin Rose, JoAnna Lloyd, Amanda Miller
1h 18min
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Events in the classic Western western movie "West" unfold in the small town of western Wyoming, called Dogwood, in the late eighties of the nineteenth century. This is a small provincial town, which hundreds are scattered around the country, with a small population that knows almost everyone in person. In the city there is an ordinary, boring life.
In the morning, the mayor of Taylor, bypasses his "possessions" and he is reported on the news, which is not so much. His task is to monitor the order and observance of the law. In his assistants he works as a sheriff who, in the event of a serious threat to residents, or illegal actions, is ready to use weapons. In the town there is a main place for recreation and entertainment for local and foreign visitors - it's a small hotel, and there is also a saloon.
The regulars of this institution are drinkers, gamblers and of course women of easy virtue. While there were no unlawful acts and everything was going on in the city, the sheriff did not interfere with what was happening in the hotel, but everything changes when a shootout started in the saloon and a person not from the town perishes.
To investigate the murder is connected District Marshal Moses White, and what he learns during the investigation ... But you can find out about this by watching the movie "West" online in good quality for free only on this site.
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