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Favorites Miso Hungry (2015)

Miso Hungry (2015) SD
Miso Hungry (2015)
Year, country:
Tim Delmastro
Craig Anderson
1h 30miin

Full documentary movie Miso Hungry (2015) online free in HD on ffilms.club 

 This month’s Health Documentary is Miso Hungry. It was originally released in November 2015. It follows Australian Comedian Craig Anderson as he attempts to eat nothing but traditional, authentic, Japanese cooking for 12 weeks.

The Japanese people are known to be some of the healthiest and longest-lived people in the world; with very low levels of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. In the film you follow along as Craig flies to Japan for 2 weeks to learn first-hand how the Japanese people eat and live and most importantly how he will bring that lifestyle back to Australia with him.