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Favorites Small Soldiers (1998)

Small Soldiers (1998)
Year, country:
Joe Dante
Kirsten Dunst, Gregory Smith, David Cross
1h 48min
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 Battle-hardened commandos, they are the heroes of the film “Soldiers”, they know neither fear nor pity, and they don’t get tired of marching and executing commands. It does not matter that the brave fighters are made of plastic and packed in a box: in the children's room, no one can fight like toy paratroopers created by the Globotek corporation.

In the toy store, kids spoiled by innovative technologies have long been buying nothing, so Mr. Abernati decides to somewhat update the range. He orders a batch of high-tech toys - plastic "elite paratroopers" with built-in microchips and ugly gorgonite monsters, with whom the brave warriors wage a programmed war.

In packs, special forces are too closely, they break free, arrange a battle on store shelves and come to the attention of Alan, the son of a toy seller. He quickly guesses about the true essence of the warlike commandos and takes the side of friendly gorgonites. And then the fierce soldiers declare war on the kid, and at the same time to the unsuspecting humanity.