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Favorites The Majestic (2001)

The Majestic (2001)
Year, country:
Frank Darabont
Jim Carrey, Martin Landau, Bob Balaban
2h 32min
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Hollywood screenwriter Peter Appleton is accused of involvement in the communist conspiracy. Now he will have to testify at a special meeting of the commission that investigates anti-American activities. After that, he is fired from the studio and all friends turn away from him. Peter gets into a car accident and loses his memory. He accidentally ends up in a small town where locals mistake him for missing World War II veteran, Luke Trimble. After some time, Peter himself begins to believe that he is Luke Trimble. He remains in the town and is trying to restore the abandoned cinema of Father Luke's “Majestic”. But soon the ideal life ends when FBI agents find him.
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