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Favorites Infinity Chamber (2016)

Infinity Chamber (2016)
Year, country:
Travis Milloy
Christopher Soren Kelly, Cassandra Clark, Chuck Klein
1h 43min
Full movie thriller, sci-fi Infinity Chamber (2016) online for free on FFilms.CLUB
The “Camera of Infinity” synopsis attracted attention and tuned in to something at least interesting. The first association in memory came up "The Moon 2112", a tape that left a very good impression as a solid, sometimes dramatic science fiction film. The director of "Camera" by the way is the scriptwriter of another fairly memorable representative of the genre - "Pandorum."

But about the movie itself. A person wakes up from sleep, finding himself in an isolated room, very much like a detention cell. The only source of information, and at the same time, the overseer, for him is an autonomous program that communicates with him through video and audio surveillance, visually this is the usual camera eye. While the hero is trying to understand the reasons for his conclusion, periodically his brief memories, as well as cyclically repetitive dreams, which very much resemble a time loop, a sort of “Groundhog Day” in a dream, pop up.

Our prisoner is trying in every way to find a common language and pull out at least some information from his programmed jailer, whose answer usually sounds: "I do not have access to such information." Some scraps of news reports from rare flashbacks indirectly hint at some not very distant future that is mired in social conflicts. But in order to somehow plunge into the atmosphere of this future, there is a catastrophic lack of pithiness, not bulk, but pithiness.

The picture as a whole makes a vague impression. Personally, I expect, so to say, an intellectual and psychological duel between man and machine, to my great regret, will have almost no place. Everything will be impossible simply, the dialogues are empty and not meaningful. The logic will sometimes walk somewhere aside. I was puzzled by the moment when the program will offer the hero damage. And the camera of the conclusion itself, which is essentially the main location of the film, disappointed. Her sham upsets with the first frames. Not a hint of high-tech, unless of course they are considered automatically opening doors and food with drinks from a vending machine. And the ending is completely unintelligible.

The conspicuous low budget is not the main drawback of the film. The main drawback is the lack of fantasy, because in such films, this is perhaps the main key to success. He didn’t recognize the leading actor at once, but he seemed very familiar to me, and glancing at his filmography, to his surprise, he discovered that he had played one of the main roles in the chic independent picture Inc. Here you have an excellent example of how the lack of funds completely covers the creative approach, the reasonableness of the plot and the flight of fancy. It seems to me that it was precisely the lack of funding that made the creators for all that creativity that, in my opinion, can claim to be genius. "Ink" is undoubtedly a film with a soul.

The "chamber of infinity" in this respect does not stand out. The narrative thread is not clear, the concept is weak, the implementation is no better, and the emphasis on psychological and atmospheric is not visible. Although it seems to be not a quick work, the director's claim to seriousness is visible, and the idea is not bad, but that seemed to me a little.
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