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Revolt (2017)
Year, country:
Joe Miale
Lee Pace, Bérénice Marlohe, Jason Flemyng
1h 27min
Full movie action, war, sci-fi Revolt (2017) online free in ffilms.club

The film is set on the territory of the long-suffering South Africa, where for many years civil war has not subsided. To all the troubles of the Africans, another attack was added - the invasion of killer robots, which the alien ship delivered to Earth. There is no salvation against high-tech machines. They destroy all life, and attempts by the military to resist are in vain. Also, against this background, the gangs of marauders - the murderers, who are ready for anything for the sake of gain, became more active.

At the epicenter of these events is an American soldier named Beau and a French military medic Nadia. They are the only ones who managed to survive in a small village. By combining their efforts, they are trying to find a way to resist alien aggression.

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