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Favorites The Last Showing (2014)

The Last Showing (2014)
Year, country:
Phil Hawkins
Robert Englund, Finn Jones, Emily Berrington
1h 29min
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In the small town of the 50s from the picture "The Last Picture Show"  from the outside it seems that life has almost stopped. But in fact, every day is eventful. In the center of attention are favorites of the school football team - Duane and Sonny. Despite the complete opposite of the characters, they are truly friendly. Since childhood, the guys' favorite place was the cinema, owned by former cowboy Sam Lev, their interests are gradually changing. Comfortable cinema seats are now as attractive as a billiard table in a local cafe, but the love of the institution continues unabated. Among the regulars of the cinema is a tradition to mock the mentally retarded boy Billy. The meaner the joke, the more interesting the evening. Aggressive Dwayne often turned out to be the leader in this race, but it was his best friend who first stood up for Billy. From that moment on, the quiet, shy Sonny looked at a completely different look. And now he brightens up the loneliness of the coach's wife, though the basketball team ... Changes in the life of one of the young people did not allow to destroy the friendship, so they go to Mexico together, but after returning home they are faced with too sad news ...

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