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Favorites Darkness Rising (2017)

Darkness Rising (2017)
Year, country:
Austin Reading
Tara Holt, Christian Ganiere, Bryce Johnson
1h 21min
Full movie horror Darkness Rising (2017) online in ffilms.club
The horror film Darkness Rising (2017) tells about the life of a young girl, who is tired of tolerating bullying of her parents. She decided to leave her home and not go back anywhere. The main character since the childhood experienced terrible nightmares and believed that by her act she would radically change her life. However, this did not happen. For this reason, the girl soon decided to return to her parents' home and live the old life. On the threshold of the house the main character was greeted by the mother with joy. Even more recently, she wanted to kill her. The main character was surprised at the change in her mother, although later she realized that she was just playing joy, and in her heart she wanted revenge and blood.
In the film Darkness Rising (2017) shows how the main character after coming to the house was also unhappy. She did not even realize then that her own mother decided to finish the job to the end and kill her own daughter. The woman wanted to do this as soon as possible, since the darkness was very close. When the main character learned about all the plans of her mother, she decided to make every effort to survive and be saved. But ahead of the girl had to face the past and see the fear in person. But whether the main character will survive in her house, you need to watch the movie online.
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