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Favorites Devil's Whisper (2017)

Devil's Whisper (2017)
Year, country:
Adam Ripp
Luca Oriel, Violkys Bustamante, Alison Fernandez
1h 25min
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 The Delgado family moves to a new residence. They are Hispanics who have lived in the United States for a long time. Father firefighter, mother of a housewife and their two children are zealous Catholics. Fifteen-year-old Alejandro (Alex) Duren in the future seeks to become a priest. Meanwhile, the boy is overcome by worldly temptations. The boy really likes classmate Leah Abrams. This is his junior sister Alicia who jokes about it all the time. The Holy Father, who is the tutor of the kid, believes that this is not terrible. The house in which the family now lives has belonged to the late grandmother Alex. Once, as described in the movie "Devil's Whisper 2017" the kid found a key in the garage that went to the old wardrobe closet. There, Alex found a mysterious brown box. It was extremely difficult to open it. When this was done with the help of a drilling machine, the box just flew apart. Inside, there was only a silver cross. Soon it turned out that the youth involuntarily released the nightmarish demonic spirit. He moved into the boy's body and now pushes him to the most horrible deeds. Part of Alex's mind is trying to get rid of the demon.