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Favorites Logan Lucky (2017)

Logan Lucky (2017)
Year, country:
Steven Soderbergh
Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig
1h 58min
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Kicked with activity? Prepare the most rude robbery in events! Jimmy Vershin quickly selects the indication of "experts" handy in such a deal, and expects to go dry with water. Be just like the Top!
In the center of the events of the classic comme "Logan Lucky" there are two daughters who have been trying to save money not in the same way as the legal way. They believed that we would not be able to spend much time on work, when we might have abusive sums in other places. And here they are building a new plan for the cleaning of the original clothes of the staple of the Kapolina. It is in this way that Imenna will once go through one of the massacres: the prolonged mobile cars in which Jimmy Lohan takes care of. In the past he was a veteran leader of the race driver, and then he was forced to destroy the car for certain reasons. Ho the same time it is in time, when it's meant to be dragged on, and it will protect the victory with any price. In the future, commercial customers are encouraged to make their own. All the ensured zaleteli are regularly taken away by the palli, that it is impossible to replace the two vials. This and paccounted the main characters. Kazaloc would be, the sly mussia podsodit sopeshno: papnyam udaetcya uvvat baknoclovnuyu summu deneg and go unmeasured. However, no one can continue to dictate what these neo-trivial arms are about. Both Rogan and the crooks-crooks, were established by the agents of the illiterate and courageous situations, on whom others did not manage to copy. What then is the full length of the day?
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