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1 Buck (2017)
Year, country:
Fabien Dufils
John Freeman, Katie Ryan, Cassi Colvin
1h 30min
Full movie drama, thriller 1 Buck (2017) online free in ffilms.club
We never think about the fate of paper currency notes, which are available in circulation for a long time, do not pay attention to obvious things. All sorts of bills available to the owner at his disposal before going to his pocket, for the entire period of his existence have been in use at an incredible number of different subjects. They seem to have a hidden ability to observe detached and objectively behind human destinies, flashing before their eyes at an insurmountable speed. One-dollar bill becomes the main participant of various incidents and quite ordinary, impartial or significant in the best sense of events. She smoothly, regardless of someone's preferences and desires, wanders from one owner to another, becoming an unwitting witness to all kinds of committing acts.
The dollar oversees the development of the fate of ordinary Louisiana residents with differing life priorities, conflicting moral principles and different levels of income, reflected in a natural way on the attitude to money, their earnings and meaningful expenditure. A small note on a nominal value constantly changes its own meaning for citizens. For some, it becomes a reason for the manifestation of joyful feelings, falling into other hands, brings occasions for unjustified conflicts and loud quarrels, resulting in serious trouble. But in any situation, no matter what mood they are created, with a small money sign, temporary owners do not want to leave quickly. The dollar has no ability to show emotions, experience feelings, it strictly fulfills its original purpose - it is a reliable means of payment.
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