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Favorites Day of the Mummy (2015)

Day of the Mummy (2015)
Year, country:
Johnny Tabor
Danny Glover, William McNamara, Brandon deSpain
1h 21min
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Jack Wells all his life dreamed of adventures that could fundamentally change his life and bring him a storm of positive emotions. This young adventurer has a chance to visit Egypt. Together with a group of archaeologists, he goes to this sunny country, still not suspecting what adventures she had prepared for him. Such in his life was not yet - fights, chases and gunfights. The protagonist of the film "The Day of the Mummy" will stop at nothing to achieve its goal. Archaeologists have information that the remains of the King of the Neferites are buried here, along with his retinue. Our hero expects to get the famous diamond of the King, which has been hunting for more than a decade. Once upon a time the emperor was cursed and imprisoned in a tomb forever. But the judgment day comes, and he rises from the dead, hoping to regain his power. On whose side will be luck? Who will win? An uprising king or people who came to find his grave?with these problems ...
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