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Favorites The Killer (2017)

The Killer (2017)
Year, country:
Marcelo Galvão
Diogo Morgado, Maria de Medeiros, Thaila Ayala
1h 39min
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A dangerous criminal killer, nicknamed Shaggy, was born and spent his childhood in the eastern part of the Brazilian territories, in the state of Pernambuco. He became a dangerous thug, actively operating in the mendicant areas of rural settlements. A stray, homeless boy at a young age took up a local, influential criminal element with a strange nickname Seven Ears. The notorious bandit trained the adopters of contact fighting tactics with a potential adversary, taught methods of dealing with all sorts of military weapons.

A clever, capable boy, kept for many years in a desert area, completely isolated from human society and civilization, unable to communicate with ordinary people, grew up to be a savage who does not have a real idea of the world around him. The future bandit was trained in harsh conditions, creating difficult situations that require skills of independent survival and struggle for existence. Growing up, the hero of the movie "O Matador" 2017 online begins to show interest in his past, trying to find out the identity of blood relatives.

Soon you have to go to the city to find the missing mentor. He manages to find out that the father who replaced him was a cruel murderer who smuggled precious stones. He decides to continue the criminal activities of the disappeared to take a worthy place in the criminal environment. He is convinced that his true purpose is to commit professional murders, he was literally born in the skin of a heartless murderer. He turns into a cruel, soulless machine for committing murders, acting cold-bloodedly, swiftly, leaving no chance for the intended victims to be saved.
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