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Favorites Jack Taylor: The Pikemen (2011)

Jack Taylor: The Pikemen (2011) HD
Jack Taylor: The Pikemen (2011)
Year, country:
Stuart Orme
Dora Christians, Katie Harris, Robbie O'Brien
1h 30min
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The main character of the film is Jack Taylor. The man returns to his native town called Galway. Upon arrival to Jack, the old friend of his father addresses for help. The man wants our protagonist to investigate the death of his son, who died tragically as a result of falling from the scaffolding. Assist Taylor in the investigation will be his assistant Cody, who simply idolizes the detective. During the investigation, the men manage to find out that the crime is the grouping of pikemen, who are judging people who, according to their leader, did not receive legal punishment.
Jack meets his former girlfriend Anne Henderson. Later it turns out that at the moment the girl is in a relationship with an influential businessman. Conflict develops, and after a while the businessman is found killed. Of course, Jack is accused of murder.