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Favorites Cold Moon (2016)

Cold Moon (2016) HD
Cold Moon (2016)
Year, country:
Griff Furst
Josh Stewart, Candy Clark, Robbie Kay
1h 32min
In a small southern town at night there is a terrible atmosphere. Previously, in a secluded, quiet town nothing extraordinary happened for decades. Townspeople are used to a calm, safe environment. Sometimes due to long-term monotony, the absence of significant events became incredibly boring. Now the locals are nostalgic for the past, catching up with insuperable boredom. They would gladly return to the past, a serene lifestyle, when it was unhappy, but safe and calm enough. In comparison with the present, the old times seem like a magnificent paradise. Monstrous events have recently begun to occur. None of the indigenous inhabitants can intelligibly explain and clearly recall the incident, which provoked terrible, tragic consequences that touched without exception all those present.
  Previously, cozy, city streets were quietly walking couples, in sandboxes and special playgrounds sporting cheerful children. Now, the windows and doors of apartment buildings are tightly locked to avoid unwanted intrusion of uninvited guests. The city is moved by a hostile phantom, which is clearly not good intentions. At the onset of twilight, cautious citizens avoid appearing on the streets, reliably hiding in locked rooms. Inhibitory impact on the human psyche has monotonously flashing traffic lights, as if warning of the approaching danger. Scary things happen at the local cemetery, here at night the coffins on the surface rise from under the ground, causing a deadly terror at the unwitting witnesses of abnormal phenomena. Citizens do not know when this nightmare will end. Watch free full movie Cold Moon (2016) online in ffilms.club