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Favorites Una (2016)

Una (2016) HD
Una (2016)
Year, country:
Benedict Andrews
Ruby Stokes, Rooney Mara, David Shields
1h 34min
Full movie Una (2016) online free|- Sometimes love has the property of ending. Lovers become cool to each other, lovers part, couples divorce. And then what? A new life begins, each by itself, without thinking about what was once in the past. Years go by, everything changes, but what if one day this past will knock at your door, present the rights to your future and the present?
The plot of the film unfolds around the fact that in fifteen years there are former lovers. The protagonist Ray appears before the past, when his former beloved Una came without an invitation to the doorstep of the office. What is she here for? Whatever it was, they can not avoid the temptation to plunge into the passionate maelstrom of former feelings. But there are problems, because Ray has already built a new life, where there is no place for Una and the past. The woman herself is looking for answers to the questions of interest.
In connection with all this, we get an emotional, hot story, which has an unpredictable outcome. The affronted love is pitiless, it leads to a terrible exposure, so the end can be a crushing force, it will not spare any.
The film is dramatic, so be prepared for the experience, which will completely and completely immerse in the atmosphere that reigns in the picture.
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