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Home Alone 3 (1997) HD
Home Alone 3 (1997)
Year, country:
Raja Gosnell
Alex D. Linz, Olek Krupa, Rya Kihlstedt
1h 42min
Full film "Home Alone 3 (1997)" is an unusual story that happened with one cute little boy Alex, who managed to get sick with scarlet fever. Of course, the parents left him at home, and before that they were given a New Year gift - a toy car. Who could have guessed that it was this toy that was attached to the stolen microcircuit, which would allow neutralizing the entire system of anti-space defense in an instant. Dangerous and well-trained thieves kidnapped her by special order, attached to a toy car and lost among other similar New Year's gifts. Now grief-kidnappers have to find their precious cargo and take it away from the main character. However, this will not be so easy, because little Alex is smart and cunning for years. And he understands perfectly well that this chip will definitely be searched and will not stop until they find it. Therefore, he must give a fitting rebuff to criminals. Will four well-trained and armed robbers cope with one child or will the good again defeat evil?
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