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Favorites The Mummy (1999)

The Mummy (1999)
Year, country:
Stephen Sommers
Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah
2h 4min
This film became legendary for the cinema of the end of the last century, and there are a number of justified reasons for this. First of all, the audience is struck by the atmosphere - a fascinating and mystical Egypt with an intricate history and legends about the untold riches of the buried pharaohs. Secondly, the thoughtfulness of the images, especially the manly and beautiful Rick and the elegant wise Evelyn, is impressive. Together they not only can overcome the evil rising from the darkness of the ages and break the curse of the ancient priests, but also show how true love is. The plot of the picture is built on the search for gold of ancient rulers, followed by a team of daredevils and a young researcher. Meeting with the incomprehensible embodiment of horror - Mummy - not only deprives the life of some of the expedition members, but also makes enemies from allies. Only the main characters remain loyal to each other: he tries to protect her, she just loves Rick. Everything is complicated by the fact that Evelyn becomes an object of hunting for that very Mummy, because for the dead she is the embodiment of his beloved Anaksunamun. And if evil takes hold of a living girl and sacrifices it to her master, his thousand-year-old love will return to him. Fortunately, Rick's love is stronger than Imhotep's feelings, because she is not bloodied, does not carry a sinful beginning. Thanks to this, the heroes escape from the tombs, where ancient magic awakened. Watch free movie action, adventure, fantasy, 90´s The Mummy (1999) online in ffilms.club.
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