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Favorites Victoria & Abdul (2017)

Victoria & Abdul (2017)
Year, country:
Stephen Frears
Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Tim Pigott-Smith
1h 51min
Abdul grew up in a small village in a large family with numerous brothers and sisters. From a young age he was curious. Parents, although they were very poor, but were able to provide his son with a decent education. In 1887, he accidentally falls into the palace of Queen Victoria, where his rapid growth begins. An attractive swarthy guy could not stay unnoticed, and after a while he became the secretary of Her Majesty. He helps her to solve royal affairs and make decisions of first importance, and for his lively mind she answers him in return. Victoria does not stint on gifts, house, ranks. The hero's family is buried in luxury, they live provided. A man acquired at the court the glory of a arrogant and arrogant man. But as is known intrigue, gossip, at the court of the thing irreplaceable. The royal lady does not pay attention to the complaints of the suite, hoping that this is just envy of his position, rank and close proximity to it.
Until now, the intrigue remains, Victoria and Abdul were in intimate relations or were just friends ... Mesalians in those years was something ordinary.