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Stronger (2017)
Year, country:
David Gordon Green
Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson
1h 59min
Stronger (2017) Watch full movies online free|- ffilms.club Jeff Bauman for twenty years, the guy looks confidently into the future, hoping to realize his plans. Very soon he will make a beloved girl a proposal. They will create a strong family, give birth to children, will build a career. On this day they gathered at the Boston Marathon to take part in a large-scale race, where ordinary sportsmen compete besides professional athletes. The stands are filled with spectators, among which guests and tourists, citizens of the city, gathered here to support the participants of the marathon. For the participants themselves is not important to win, but the pleasure of it. That they could come and take part in the grandiose race. Jeff is happy for his beloved girl, standing at the finish line and waiting for her appearance. She could not wait for her return, a powerful explosion carried him off his feet. He does not realize further events, as chaos, shouts, destruction, moans of seriously wounded people, sirens of rescue services around are around.
All the city police were thrown to safety, but none of them could distinguish between the stands of two guys with improvised explosive devices, the power of which was enough to cause serious damage to people. A brutal act of terrorism broke all the dreams of the young guy, because in the hospital he learns that he can not walk - he was amputated both legs, about that death. With whom he wanted to create a family. He will have to learn to live anew, although the first thought was suicide. He turned out to be a strong spirit, but painful memories will haunt him all his life. He will never forget this day, which took away his faith in the future, the only love, destroyed all dreams. A noisy holiday then turned into a massive tragedy that claimed dozens of lives. Hundreds of people were injured, the attack was widely publicized throughout the world. The Tsarinaev brothers were found guilty, to which FSB officers advised to look closely, but the American colleagues ignored their warnings, which resulted in incredible consequences.
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