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Favorites White Noise (2005)

White Noise (2005)
Year, country:
Geoffrey Sax
Michael Keaton, Deborah Kara Unger, Ian McNeice
1h 41min
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The film "White Noise" is a detective mystical thriller about a collision with another reality - the reality of the other world.
The mysterious disappearance of Anna's wife completely changes the life of the architect Jonathan Rivers. Contrary to the opinion of the police, suggesting that the woman died, drowning in the river, shocked John stubbornly hopes for a miracle. Hope helps an unfortunate husband cope with grief, but the chances of seeing Anna live quickly disappear. Quite unexpectedly, the death of the wife is confirmed by a certain Raymond Price, who heard a message from the deceased in the "white noise" of the unconfigured radio.
Soon Anna is found dead, and then skeptical Jonathan himself receives an otherworldly signal. Believing that the poor man is crying for help, the architect responds to "pleas," trying to establish contact with the other world. Unfortunately, Rivers' attempts to communicate with the deceased through the "phenomenon of electronic voices" leads to tragedy. Opening the door to the world of the dead, Jonathan allows something unknown and uninvited to get into our reality.
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