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Favorites The Perfect Weapon (1991)

The Perfect Weapon (1991)
Year, country:
Mark DiSalle
Jeff Speakman, John Dye, Mako
1h 23min
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The father gives his young son Jeff to Kenpo's school, hoping that it will be able to educate him properly and teach self-discipline. Years passed and the mentor Jeff, master Kim, begins to pursue the Korean mafia. The guy does his best to help his teacher, but his mentor perishes at the hands of an unknown killer. Jeff is going to avenge the death of a teacher, so he enters a bloody war with a Korean criminal organization. And his knowledge of martial arts as it is impossible by the way will help him to execute retribution. It will be a difficult confrontation and forces will be unequal, but Jeff firmly believes in his victory, because he needs to restore justice and punish the murderers of master Kim.
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