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Favorites Signs (2002)

Signs (2002) HD
Signs (2002)
Year, country:
M. Night Shyamalan
Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin
1h 46min
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The events of the movie "Signs" take viewers to the state of Pennsylvania, where the farm of the former priest Graham Hess, a widower who left the dignity after the death of his wife and alone raising two children, is located.
On the fields of the hero, planted with corn, something or someone leaves perfect circles. The origin of these objects is unknown, but in addition to them other strange things begin to occur. The police are powerless, especially since the whole world is engulfed by such phenomena.
People see lights in the sky, and some can even capture the first contact with the aliens. Obviously one thing: more advanced in terms of technology guests did not come with the world.
As there is panic on the planet, there is no hope for help. Graham with the children and his younger brother is preparing to defend, hammering the windows in the house and settling in the basement. Humanity can survive if it finds a weak place for aliens or understands the reasons for their expansion. Hess's family is among those who take the first blow and they have a chance to find answers.
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