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Thir13en Ghosts (2001)
Year, country:
Steve Beck
Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Embeth Davidtz
1h 31min
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"Thirteen Ghosts" is a horror film about trapped ghosts, a classically unhappy legacy and the "family values" of a crazy millionaire.
In a glass house belonging to the rich professor Cyrus Criticos, it's unclean. The owner of the unusual mansion and his assistant, the psychic psychic Dennis, catch dangerous ghosts in order to make a kind of collection from the undead. Caught spirits, growling with anger, the hunters are placed in caged cells, the walls of which are painted with Aramaic spells, and examine invisible captives through special glasses. Twelve of the exhibits, whimsically selected by Cyrus, are already placed in a glass house, but a millionaire who has conceived the evil one needs a thirteenth ghost.
The horrible hobby of the professor ends tragically - another ghost kills Criticos. However, his terrible mansion is empty for a long time: Arthur, nephew of the millionaire, two of his children and Maggie's black nurse move there. Pleased with Uncle's inheritance, new settlers do not suspect of the surprise of the insidious Cyrus.
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