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Analyze This (1999)
Year, country:
Harold Ramis
Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow
1h 43min
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The film "Analyze this" is a comedy about the sudden friendship of the Mafiosi and his psychoanalyst.
Paul Witti is an influential man in the underworld. He built his empire for years, won credibility, but suddenly lost himself. The thing is that Paul was assassinated, which caused him to doubt the previous landmarks, and caused a severe depression. Not to the person the bosses of the mafia will strike hysteria at all in sight or to mope because of any trifles.
Companions and subordinates are trying to help Witti solve this problem. They send Paul to see Dr. Ben Sobel, who recently caught up with criminals in an accident. Ben was already frightened by what was happening, and the appearance of Witti, accustomed to his whims to perform at the first demand, finally turn the life of the psychoanalyst. He has to participate in disassembly, questionable transactions and secret meetings, accompanying his special patient. However, progress in the well-being of Paul is evident, which means that Ben is on the right track and he needs to move the planned course.
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