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Favorites Space Jam (1996)

Space Jam (1996)
Year, country:
Joe Pytka
Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, Theresa Randle
1h 23min
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"Space Jam" - both a game and an animated film about the incredible adventures of Michael Jordan.
His Air has officially announced his retirement. He switched to baseball, and tries himself in a new field.
At this time in the world of toon, inhabited by characters «Looney Toons» there is a collision with beetles-aliens. Those arrived from their planet on the orders of the owner of the amusement park. He wants to breathe life into a burning business, by abducting Bugs Bunny and his friends.
The cunning rabbit manages to persuade uninvited guests into a basketball match, according to which the winner will decide the fate of the heroes.
Bugs' plan is simple: the aliens are small, so it will be easy to beat them. But the beetles have a hidden ability to steal talents, this is what they do with the best players of the NBA, becoming huge monsters, masterfully owning the ball.
The only hope for equalizing the forces for the inhabitants of the painted country is Michael Jordan, whom they intended to persuade to take part in the match ...
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