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Favorites Buddy Solitaire (2016)

Buddy Solitaire (2016) HD
Buddy Solitaire (2016)
Year, country:
Kuang Lee
Sally Kirkland, Hannah Kat Jones, Elaine Loh
1h 26min
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Buddy Soliter all his life dreamed of becoming a famous comedian. He performs in stand-up clubs, but does not enjoy much success. He almost never succeeds in making the audience laugh, and sometimes he is even asked to leave the stage. However, the man is not going to give up and intends to continue his difficult path. His profession does not bring any income and he is ashamed of the fact that his girlfriend is the main earner in the house. In addition to all this, Buddy has lost his inspiration for writing new comedy sketches. One day, he drove to his girlfriend Vanessa, who works in an insane hospital. Replacing her for just a few minutes, Buddy realizes that he managed to establish contact with mentally ill people ...