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Favorites Better Criminal (2016)

Better Criminal (2016) HD
Better Criminal (2016)
Year, country:
Ben Burke
Jordan Belfi, Tom Sizemore, Emilio Rivera
1h 32min
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The plot of the movie "A good criminal" is built around Lieutenant Doyle, mired in failure.
He was the first in his career to have his own team at his disposal, although he did not select people into it. Time after time, the guards of order under the leadership of the hero try unsuccessfully to cover the points of sale of drugs. Most likely, someone warns the dealers, which means that the "mole" got into the department.
Doyle comes under scrutiny and hopes that the local torch-informant will give a new, more tested tip. Another sortie ends with the death of one of the operatives, and Doyle realizes that they climbed into the territory of the cartel.
To avoid revenge on the part of drug dealers, he goes to talk with the head of the gang. The lieutenant offers his services in exchange for peace and monthly payments. The boss has a job for a corrupt cop, so he agrees.
Doyle started a complex and dangerous game, where every wrong move can end with his death. He will have to confront several groups at once, and also do not forget about close attention from the authorities and colleagues.
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