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Favorites Peter and Wendy (2015)

Peter and Wendy (2015)
Year, country:
Diarmuid Lawrence
Stanley Tucci, Dan Tetsell, Laura Elphinstone
1h 37min
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The tale of a boy who did not want to grow up is alive for centuries. But nothing was known about how he got to the island of Netland. If you watch “Peter Pan 2015” online from the very beginning, then the mystery will reveal how the child got on the mysterious island. It turns out that he lived in an orphanage where he ended up after his mother left him. He is surrounded by malice and cruelty. The guard who monitors the behavior of orphans, in every way limits the guys. The guy fraudulently gets his own business, and reading it, seeks at least something to learn about his relatives.

But one day a mysterious force takes him and other children straight from the beds, and against their will carried them to a fabulous island. Peter turns into a real hooligan and a tomboy, but deserves the respect of the Indians - the locals. According to legend, the boy is able to change the history of the island, but it all depends on which side he takes. He has many adventures, but in spite of the original, now his main enemy is the pirate Blackbeard, and Captain Hook becomes his friend.

As the corsair becomes a positive character, his storyline also changes - the young Black Lily of the Indian tribe looks at him with very different eyes, although Black Beard is also fighting for her attention. Battles and dashing adventures of the main characters are painted in bright, rich colors, and in the legendary story some interesting strokes will be added. Will the children be able to defeat the pirates? What threatens the island? Will Peter Pan find his mom or will he remain a boy from a fairy tale who is not destined to grow?

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