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Favorites Madame Doubtfire (2003)

Madame Doubtfire (2003)
Year, country:
Eric Civanyan
Michel Leeb, Josy Bernard, Francis Lemaire
1h 57minn
Full movie comedy, drama, family Madame Doubtfire (2003) online in ffilms.club
Hard times come to the life of the main character - he is fired from work, his family life is about to end in divorce. In addition, the spouse restricts communication with children, which for Daniel Hilard is like a low blow. But the children who are very fond of their father also suffer from the decision of the wife. In addition, Mrs. Hilard is forced to hire a nanny because of her full time job. Daniel grabs the opportunity to be closer to the children. He appeals to his brother, who masterfully transforms a man into an elderly, good-natured woman of pleasant appearance. From now on, Daniel plays the role of nanny Mrs. Doubtfire. But what is the innocent lie fraught with?
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