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Favorites Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
Year, country:
Russell Mulcahy
Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Oded Fehr
94 min
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In the continuation of the famous movie series "Resident Evil" events unfold five years after the final of the second part. It turned out that keeping the T-virus within one city is not so simple: first, North America and the nearest continents became the victim of infection, and then the whole world. The mutated virus is now capable of infecting not only humans, but also all flora and fauna, which means that from now on the Earth is one endless lifeless desert. Meanwhile, the secret corporation "Umbrella" continues to exist. Despite the disastrous consequences of the first experiments, Dr. Isaac is sure - a little more, and he will find an antidote. That's just for an antidote that can defeat the T-virus, one component is needed that is not available to the doctor - it's the blood of Alice. In an attempt to obtain blood, Isaac again creates clones of Alice, hoping that one of them will have the same qualities as an unsurpassed "original". Only failure follows the failure - new clones fail the tests and die, and the doctor more and more assures himself of his conviction: Alice is unique. However, his words have no effect on Albert Wesker, the new chairman of Umbrella. Hesker refuses to give consent to the search for the "original", preferring to work with safer clones. At the same time, Alice herself travels the country on an old bike, trying not to attract excessive attention. To lead a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous, because zombies are wandering around and military satellites that can catch its signal. But the heroine of the film "Resident Evil 3" is not the only survivor. Very soon she meets a whole group: Claire Redfield, Al Jay and Carlos Oliver, and together with them tries to get to Alaska - the only territory on Earth free of the furious T-virus.
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