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Desert Flower (2009)
Year, country:
Sherry Hormann
Soraya Omar-Scego, Idriss Abdillahi Houfaneh, Awa Saïd Darar
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The film "Desert Flower" is a biographical drama, adaptation of the book by Kathleen Miller about the life and career of Varis Dirie, the Somali supermodel and the UN Ambassador.

The daughters of Somali pastoralists-nomads Varis Dirie life prepared many tests. Strictly married, a thirteen-year-old girl secretly leaves the house to cross the desert and become free. Hundreds of kilometers separating the nomadic village from Mogadishu, the scorching sun, dust storms and a complete unknown future do not frighten the daring fugitive. Once in the African capital, Varis finds shelter with her aunt, works as a servant, and then, along with relatives, miraculously gets to London.

In the Somali embassy, where her relatives work, she lives six years, learning a few English phrases. "Paradise" existence ends when the Ambassador from Mogadishu leaves Britain, and Varis becomes an ordinary nonlegal woman. She is helped by an impulsive saleswoman named Marilyn, and then - a fashion photographer who saw in the Somali top model. However, a terrible secret - the consequence of the barbarous customs of a distant homeland - marred the life of Varis.
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