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Favorites Land of the Lost (2009)

Land of the Lost (2009)
Year, country:
Brad Silberling
Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Anna Friel
1h 42min
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The film tells about a professor who uses non-ordinary teaching methods and develops delusional theories. He puts forward ideas that are not accepted as the coryphaeuses of modern science, so he constantly finds himself in stupid situations. His colleagues and journalists gloom over him on television. In general, he appears such a mad scientist. One day the professor, with his fine assistant and guide, goes to a deserted place to conduct a scientific experiment. As a result, they are transferred in time and space and fall into the lost world. Now the heroes will have to try to survive. Here they meet the ancient people with whom they are trying to establish contact. Shards of civilization from different eras are scattered everywhere. You can meet a piece of refueling and a flying saucer. But the worst thing is that some locals do not mind eating uninvited guests. Heroes meet representatives of extraterrestrial race, who are trying to capture them. They save a huge tyrannosaurus, which, however, does this not because of friendly motivations, but because he wants to have dinner with them. Running through arid canyons from a huge lizard - the occupation is not so simple. Especially when danger lurks at every turn. Giant mosquitoes and monstrous crabs are already waiting for the unlucky trio. The professor begins to regret that his invention turned out to be working. Will the heroes find a way out of the place where they found themselves or their adventure here and end?
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