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Favorites 6 Souls (2010)

6 Souls (2010)
Year, country:
Måns Mårlind (as Mårlind & Stein), Björn Stein (as Mårlind & Stein)
Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jeffrey DeMunn
1h 52min
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It so happened that the psychiatrist Caroline (Kara) Harding has long lost faith in God. Once the hooligans killed her husband and now she alone brings up her daughter. A woman specializes in examining criminals who try to imitate a split personality. Dr. Harding is deeply convinced that people with a split consciousness do not exist. Every time she makes a verdict - a simulation. Based on the issued examinations of Carolina, criminals are very often sentenced to death.

One day the father of a woman, also a psychiatrist, asked her opinion about the patient Adam. This man was wandering along the street and he clearly sees the transitions from one person to another. In addition to Adam, he sometimes happens to be David and Wesley. Belief of a woman about a split personality was strongly shaken. She understands that this person does not pretend and tries to find a more or less real explanation for everything. Eventually she comes to the conclusion that Adam is sick. But the new circumstances lead Carolina to completely unexpected conclusions for herself.
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